Monday, August 11, 2014

C-Span interviews Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Link on C-Span website to interview:

Very interesting comment to video in YouTube:

For what it's worth, and I can't prove any of what I am about to state:

I was informed about the WTC event in 1996, five full years before the fateful day, by a very high-level European banker with the IMF, World Bank and the ultra-secret Legacy Trust after a business meeting in a private conversation. What he told myself and a business partner shocked us to the point we thought he was insane. But, we knew he wasn't but, we did know he represented the Rothschild banking empire.

He told that "they" were going to stage a terrorist attack on the WTC, then blame it on some middle-east terrorist group that was under their control, as a pretext to get the ignorant American public to support an invasion of Iraq, as he put it around 2000-2001. At that time was he not sure of the exact date it would occur.

He also went on to say that the entire goal was to foment war in the middle-east so "they" could ultimately control all the natural resources meaning primarily oil and natural gas.

I worked for many years with CBS TV News, and I can tell you that others within the media knew of this as well. I know for certain that Dan Rather knew in advance as well as several others within CBS.

I tried to warn people within CBS but got fired for it. No one would listen. They thought I was completely insane and I had no proof. It was just a private conversation.

And now here we are, on our way to WWIII just as the banker said "they" wanted.  

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