Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pentagon Attack - Evidence does not support the "official" story of a Boeing 757 Crash

This a photo of the Pentagon immediately after the supposed impact of a Boeing 757 airliner. The damage to the facade of the building (as demonstrated by this photo and others) does not show large holes where the fuselage or wings penetrated the building (as at the twin towers). Nor is there any aircraft debris to speak of in front of the building, which you would expect if the plane did not penetrate the building.

The Pentagon attack is less clear than many other aspects about 9/11. It is hard to know what exactly happened, because the government is withholding almost all of the evidence related to the event. But, in my opinion, the evidence does not support the claim that a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon. The physical evidence I have seen in regards to the damage and wreckage at the Pentagon tends to not support the official story. The damage to the Pentagon is not consistent with a Boeing 757 hit and there was little to no identifiable wreckage of a 757 present. Additionally, Hani Hanjour, the supposed pilot that allegedly flew Flight 77 into the Pentagon, was actually a very poor pilot. There is no way he could even fly a Boeing 757, let alone fly it in the manner as claimed by the government, flying low to the ground and making sharp turns and a rapid decent. We know from mainstream sources that the aircraft that hit the Pentagon made a difficult manuever in the approach to the Pentagon that only a very experienced pilot could have made. One FAA official said he thought it was a "military plane" based on the manuever in the approach to the Pentagon.

Government confiscates surveillance tapes and release puzzling tape purporting to show the aircraft that hit the Pentagon:

Shortly after the attack, government agents seized video surveillance tapes from a nearby gas station and hotel that captured whatever type of aircraft hit the Pentagon. These tapes have not been released. Why, and what are they hiding?

The tapes that the government released portions of a video tape purporting to show the aircraft that hit the Pentagon do not show anything resembling a Boeing 757, but show a much smaller aircraft. Here is that video tape:


Do you see a Boeing 757 in that tape? I sure don’t.

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